Strategic Plan

The San Joaquin Community Response to Homelessness is a strategic plan developed by the San Joaquin Continuum of Care (SJCoC) in partnership with the County of San Joaquin and the City of Stockton.  Starting in Fall of 2019, consultants from Homebase began work on the plan in coordination with the Strategic Planning Committee of the SJCoC.  Through multiple interviews, listening sessions and community events involving over 200 participants from throughout San Joaquin County, including individuals who are formerly or currently homeless, the plan began to take shape around this essential community feedback regarding priorities, goals and strategies to make homelessness rare, brief and non-recurring in our region.  The Plan provides a set of goals tailored for our community that have been proven to be successful.  It is a roadmap of how to address homelessness, based on local needs and strategies and tactics that work.  To effectively address the crisis, the entire community — every corner of the county — needs to participate in solutions and build on the collaborative effort that produced this comprehensive plan.  Proactive and evidenced-based solutions are far less costly, far more humane, and the only way to create a system that effectively responds to homelessness.

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