One great way to get involved in the San Joaquin Continuum of Care is to volunteer for one or more committees.  These committees work on specific responsibilities of the Continuum, such as collecting and reporting data about homelessness in San Joaquin County or evaluating the performance of organizations funded by the Continuum.  To learn more about the Continuum of Care including committees, download a PDF of the San Joaquin Continuum of Care Governance Charter here.

Responsibilities of each committee are listed below

  • Developing, monitoring the progress and impact of, and periodically recommending any necessary revisions to an implementation plan for a coordinated entry and assessment system for all homeless and prevention resources.
  • Create recommendations for written standards for eligibility, assessment, and prioritization of resources for all CoC and ESG program types.
  • Develops policies and procedures and provides oversight to the HMIS Lead Agency on HMIS issues including project participation, participant privacy, data security, data quality, data sharing, and HMIS governance.
  • Provides oversight to the annual Point-in-Time Count of sheltered and unsheltered homeless, in accordance with any HUD requirements.
  • Assists the HMIS Lead Agency with ensuring HMIS participation across the Continuum of Care.
  • Lead the annual process of reviewing the performance of the HMIS Lead Agency and of the HMIS vendor.
  • Develop and assist in implementing an outreach plan to educate the community on homeless issues, including persons/organizations that are not currently members.
  • Support the development of community resource directories of services available tot he homeless, such as 211 San Joaquin, for use by agencies, volunteers, information and referral systems, and homeless persons.
  • Develop a membership information kit and CoC Grant Application/Management training course.
  • Support and assist in the development and maintenance of the Continuum of Care website.
  • Responsible for managing the process to fill Director and Officer seats on the Board of Directors.
  • May periodically develop and recommend policies, procedures, and process improvements related to ensuring broad representation on the Board by geography, within subpopulations of people experiencing homelessness, and by individuals of diverse backgrounds, experiences, and identities.
  • Responsible for enhancing the community’s and the SJCoC’s understanding of the operation, successes, and challenges of emergency shelter for the homeless within the CoC.
  • Recommend policies and actions to the SJCoC Board for adoption regarding emergency shelter, including but not limited to seasonal or weather-related capacity, priorities for shelter expansion, etc.
  • Identify shelter expansion projects that meet SJCoC-published guidance (such as the “Shelter That Succeeds” report) and help those projects identify land, funds, and other resources to be actionable and provide guidance to local service providers.
  • Developing goals, plans and strategies to carry out the mission of the CoC.
  • Gathering information and conducting needs assessments related to ending homelessness, including the annual gaps analysis required by HUD.
  • Conducting an inventory of all local resources for the homeless, including but not limited to, food assistance, clothing, emergency shelter, low-cost housing, emergency medical care, counseling, education, job training, childcare, and employment.
  • Monitoring and evaluating federal, state and local homeless initiatives to assess their impact, to determine the adequacy of services through such initiatives, and to identify additional unmet needs of the homeless.
    • Increase public awareness and broaden support for implementing policies and programs which support effective and multidisciplinary outreach to address the unsheltered homeless
    • Promote access to and provide effective utilization of mainstream programs by homeless individuals, families, and veterans

Visit the Outreach Committee website.

  • Establishing CoC system performance metrics and standards.
  • Evaluating CoC system performance.
  • Establishing metrics and standards for measuring the performance of ESG-and CoC-funded projects.
  • Evaluating the performance of those CoC and Emergency Solution Grant-funded projects.
  • Providing recommendations of remedial actions and quality improvement plans for poor-performing projects to the CoC Board of Directors and the CoC membership.
  • Encouraging the development of new programs and services to fill critical service gaps, if necessary, through reallocation of existing resources for the homeless.
  • Committee is made up of youth and young people 24 years of age or younger, who have been impacted by homelessness.
  • Responsible for providing youth perspective and recommendations on policy and other efforts, particularly those that that may directly impact youth and young people.
  • Promotes activism in community and governmental affairs and acts as a resource for the Board and Standing Committees.

The San Joaquin Continuum of Care needs your help to end homelessness in San Joaquin County! If you are interested in serving on a Committee, please click here.