The San Joaquin Continuum of Care (SJCoC) provides leadership and effective stewardship of resources, as well as facilitates community planning, design, and implementation of programs critical to ending homelessness in San Joaquin County.  Our core values are collaboration, communication, and transparency.  We are committed to evidence-based programming and data-driven initiatives.

“Continuum of Care” is a program developed by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1994 to promote community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness.  It describes all of the services HUD believes homeless people need.  The services range from outreach and engagement to emergency shelter to transitional housing to either permanent supportive housing or affordable housing.  HUD wants all stakeholders in the community, including nonprofit providers, advocates, people who have experienced homelessness, local government leaders, business leaders, law enforcement, and more, working together to coordinate services, reduce duplication and bridge gaps in service.

The SJCoC believes that, in recognition of the dignity and value of all residents, homelessness in San Joaquin County should be rare, brief and non-recurring, accomplished through the most efficient and effective use of public resources, resulting in reduced blight and improved quality of life throughout the region.  The goal of the SJCoC is to provide a comprehensive coordinated homeless housing and services delivery system.  The SJCoC supports stakeholders throughout the San Joaquin County region to assist homeless persons in making the transition from homelessness to independent or supportive permanent housing, accessing education, health, and mental health services, employment training, and life skills development.  We are dedicated to the development and implementation of strategies to create permanent solutions to homelessness in our community.

For assistance in accessing available services in San Joaquin County, click here.